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Co., Ltd.​ Global SAPANA Group

Ethnic cuisine from India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Nepal

Company name

Global SAPANA Group

Head office location

1-10-5 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Business content

Restaurant management/alcohol import wholesale business


10 million yen

contact address

TEL&FAX 03-5215-7007

Group enterprise

Representative Director and President

Adhikari Bhuvan

Registered business number


Group enterprise

Caravan Sapana Co., Ltd.

Operates PRONTO Otemachi One store


2003​:Asian dining bar SAPANA opens in Iidabashi

2005:Asian dining bar SAPANA opens in Suidobashi

2007​:Asian dining bar SAPNA opens at Kinshicho Station Building "Termina 2"

2008​: Asian dining bar SAPANA opens at Iidabashi Plano Tower.

2010​:Established group company Caravan Sapana Co., Ltd. Started beer import and wholesale business

2011:Asian dining bar SAPANA opens in Kagurazaka

2012 :Asian dining bar SAPANA Akasaka Mitsuke branch opens at Nagatacho Prudential Tower

2013:Changed company name to Global SAPANA Group Co.,Ltd .

2014: Asian dining bar SAPANA Palace Side branch opens in Mainichi Building

2014:Asian dining bar SAPANA Akihabara UDX branch opens in Akihabara UDX Building

2014: Affiliated company BSP World Travel Tour Co., Ltd. established

2015: Suidobashi West Exit store opened

2019:Deli SAPANA opens on the 1st floor of the head office building

Recruitment information

Global SAPANA Group Co., Ltd. is currently recruiting for the following positions.

Recruiting full-time employees (hall staff)

Monthly salary: 240,000 yen

Holidays: 5 days off per month, year-end and New Year holidays, paid holidays available

Treatment: Full transportation expenses paid and delicious meals included

Working hours 10:00-23:00 (shift system) (with breaks)

Part-time job recruitment (hall staff)

Salary hourly wage 1,072 yen

Treatment: Full transportation expenses paid Delicious meals

Working hours 11:00-21:00 (negotiable from about 2 hours a day)


​Property recruitment

Global Sapana is widely recruiting store properties.


If you have any properties or information about properties that meet the recruitment requirements, please send us your information via the email form or fax below. A representative will contact you at a later date.

Application Requirements

Recruitment area: Tokyo 23 wards, metropolitan area

In front of the station, shopping street, building-in type
(We will discuss the food court separately) Rental area: 15 tsubo - 50 tsubo

・Being able to operate as a restaurant.
・Basically, the first floor is ideal, but we will consider it depending on the building type and area.
・We will discuss the contract form and economic conditions separately.

SAPANA Akihabara store

Recruiting member stores


Global Sapana is recruiting managers.

You can download the PDF version of the brochure.

Management recruitment process

step 1 Contact us

Requests for materials and reservations for briefing sessions are accepted on our website.
Please enter "request for materials or reservation for briefing session" in your inquiry and send.

step 2 Management briefing (individual)

I will explain the outline of the franchise system.

step 3 Consultation

In addition to asking you any questions you may have, we will also ask you about your desired area and the state of preparation for the initiative (financial plan).

step 4 interview

We will reconfirm any issues or questions you may have at the time of your consultation, as well as your intention to become a member.

step 5 (FC reservation contract system)

This is a system that allows us to introduce properties to you on a priority basis.

step 6 Property introduction

We will carefully listen to your wishes and introduce you to stores that we have carefully researched, including location conditions.

step 7 2nd interview

We will meet with the person in charge of franchisee development and confirm the final intentions.

step 8 Trial training

Before signing a contract, you will experience "SAPANA" itself.

step 9 Contract explanation

We will explain the statutory disclosure document. We will also read the contract to ensure that you understand its contents.

step 10 Signing a franchise agreement

Please sign and seal the contract and deposit the membership fee within 3 days after signing the contract. After that, the schedule until opening
Let me explain the rules.

step 11 Property contract

You will be required to conclude a rental contract for the store location with the landlord.

step 12 Preparation for opening

We complete employee recruitment interviews, employee training, pre-opening preparations, and procedures with various government offices.

Training program

For those who wish to become independent, we follow a unique training program lasting up to six months to gradually acquire the practical skills and knowledge necessary for store management, and ultimately become owners by passing the headquarters' examination. We have an independence support system that allows you to become independent.

Regarding the membership fee required when becoming independent, you can save money from your monthly fixed salary in a planned manner so that you do not currently lack funds.
Independence is possible even for those who are

SAPANA Suidobashi West Exit Store

Social contribution activities

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to those affected by the disaster that occurred in Nepal in April 2015. We sincerely pray for the earliest possible recovery of the disaster-stricken areas.

Global SAPANA Group Co., Ltd. provides support from a long-term perspective to the victims of the Nepal earthquake that began in April 2015.

Our representative, Adhikari Bhuvan, will also be the local representative in Nepal, and we will support the project together with the United Nations NGO Japan Charity Foundation, the NPO Living Together with the Earth, and Koji Sasaki of Site by Site.

“June 6, 2015 Nepal Earthquake Reconstruction Support Status Report”
Field activity reports from May 26, 2015 to June 4, 2015 are posted.

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